свежий гранат


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Название продукта: Punica granatum
Сорт: темный и светло-красный
Место посадки в Иране: Фарс, Хорасан, Маркази, Исфахан, Йезд
Как выбрать и сохранить:
Выберите те, которые не полностью округлены или гладкие. Его цвет не гарантирует его внутри, но его кожа должна быть мягкой и кожистой, что свидетельствует о том, что она созрела. Важно также выбирать тяжелые гранаты, поскольку они более сочные.
Это может быть либо при комнатной температуре, либо в холодильнике. Тем не менее, это было бы дольше, если держать его в холодильнике или его семена можно хранить в морозильной камере в течение нескольких месяцев.


Product name: Punica granatum

Variety: dark and light red

Planting site in Iran: Fars, Khorasan, Markazi, Esfahan, Yazd

How to choose and store:

Choose ones which are not completely rounded or smooth. Its color doesn’t guarantee its inside however its skin should be soft and leathery which is indicative of being ripe. It is important also to choose heavy pomegranates as they are juicier.

It can be either in room temperature or refrigerator. Nevertheless, it would be last longer if keep it in refrigerator or its seeds can be kept in freezer for months.


It is popular for being health friendly fruit which can fight against bad cholesterol founding in blood vessels. Not only does it increase the level of blood oxygen but it also prevents the formation of fat and blood clots providing one with good and smooth digestion. Fresh pomegranate is one of the best treatment for losing weight. It’s been proven by scientist that it is influential for abdominal fat cells to stop working.

Thanks to having antioxidants, it strengthens body immune against cancer and infection. As it is a great source of folic acid, Iron and potassium, it is known as blood purifier and has effective properties for skin heath and hair loss. Having a glass of pomegranate juice paly a really important role in skin brightening and cure wrinkle. That’s why it is highly recommended to use fresh pomegranate skin mask. Above all, it can ease tension and provide you with better sleep.