fresh eggplant


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Product name: its common name is Eggplant but in some part of the world it is common as Aubergine. Its scientific name is Solanum melongena.
Variety: slender eggplant, stuffed eggplant
Planting site in Iran:
Iran is one of the best region for eggplant cultivation. It has the highest production rates in Hormozgan, Khozestan, Tehran and Khorasan razavi, Fars province. Among these khozestan’s eggplant has the most popularity.
How to select and store:
The most important point in choosing fresh eggplant is to choose plump and heavy eggplant with a glossy, clean and smooth skin. Having put it in plastic bag, you can keep it in refrigerator for a while but remember to consume it as soon as it possible. It can also be kept for 3 days in room temperature.