Fresh Sweet lemon
lemon peels
Fresh Sweet lemon
lemon peels

Fresh Sweet lemon | limoo shirin

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Sweet lemon:

Product name: Sweet Lemon known as “Limo Shirin” in Iran and its scientific name is Citrus Limetta


Planting site in Iran:

Cultivation of sweet lemon requires specific climate situation found in many region of Iran. However, the high quality ones are in Fars province, Hormozgan province and the north of Iran.

How to select and store:

Fresh sweet lemon should be without sting or dent. The heavier sweet lemon is; the more water is into it. Do not use sharp knife to cut it in that it would lose its vitamin C and remember to drink its juice quickly as it otherwise, it doesn’t contain vitamin C.

Do not store it for more than 2 weeks in room temperature and 4 weeks in refrigerator. Although it is possible to keep it sliced, it might be bitter due to existence of limonene. <\/p>