Which type of oranges have seeds ?& how to store orange or orange juice

Which type of oranges have seeds ?& how to store orange or orange juice

Which type of oranges have seeds ?

How to keep them (in the fridge or room temperature)?

In the following you will find your answers and will find much more interesting things.


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Early History:

Orange fruit, and all citrus fruits, originated in the Southeast Himalayan foothills, in a region including the eastern area of India, northern Myanmar, and western China.


Which type of oranges have seeds :

There are two major types of oranges: Navels and Valencia’s, which are firstly grown in Florida and California. Depending on the time of year determines which variety and which origin is the best. The main difference between the two is the seeds, Navels are seedless, and Valencia’s have seeds inside.

Which type of oranges have seeds ?& how to store orange or orange juice

Nutrition Facts:


Nutrition Value per 100 gram orange
Energy47 kcalVitamin A11 μgNACalcium40.00 mg3%
Carbohydrates12 gVitamin B60.060mg5%Copper0.045 mg5%
sugars9.4 gVitamin C53.2 mg59%Iron0.10 mg1%
Dietary fiber2.4 gVitamin E0.18 mg1%Magnesium10.00 mg2%
Fat0.1 gVitamin K0.0 μg0%Potassium181.00 mg4%
Protein0.9gSodium0.00 mg0%
Water86.75 gZinc0.07 mg1%



Should orange fruit be stored in the refrigerator ?

Oranges normally are ripe when you buy them, it is better to put oranges in the fridge, and not just because no one wants warm orange juice! Once it is ripe, they start to lose their vitamin C, a process that is slower when it is cold.


Should orange juice be stored in the refrigerator ?

It has a long shelf life because of the preservatives added to the juice. Once you open the package, orange juice will be ok only for a couple of days, at most a week. Once it’s opened, you should drink it completely or store it in the fridge.

This kind should always be refrigerated. As usual, make sure the container is sealed when not in use. Last but not least, there’s the homemade orange juice you make with fresh oranges. Like with the refrigerated variety, you should keep fresh in the fridge.










When we think about Oranges, the first thing that comes to our mind is the enormous source of vitamin C. So we want to teach you how to prepare an orange C-booster recipe, which is very easy to make and enjoy.



½ banana sliced

½ cup peaches frozen

1 cup orange juice

1 cup orange sherbet

1 cup ice



Place ingredients into a blender, fill to the max water line and blend until a smooth consistency is achieved.

The easiest way is to use a food blender.

After it’s done pour it in a nice glass and take a comfortable seat.

Now it is time to relax and enjoy your C-booster drink, which contains approximately 137.6 mg of Vitamin C.


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