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8 Benefits of lime water for health and weight loss

8 BENEFITS OF LIME WATER FOR HEALTH AND WEIGHT LOSS: The human body is about 60 percent water, so it comes as no surprise that water is important to your health. Water flushes toxins from the body, prevents dehydration, and keeps you energized. 8 BENEFITS OF LIME WATER FOR HEALTH AND WEIGHT LOSS It’s essential...
8 Benefits of Carrot Juice

8 Benefits of Carrot Juice

8 Benefits of Carrot Juice: Carrots are an excellent source of vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. But you don’t have to eat carrots to receive these nutritional benefits. Drinking carrot juice is an easy way to add carrots to your diet. Here are eight reasons why you should add carrot juice to your diet. 8 Benefits...

Fresh vegetables supplier

What is a fresh vegetables supplier ?

Companies in this industry distribute fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs. Major companies include Caito Foods Service, Coast Citrus Distributors, Fresh Point, and Tom Lange Company (all based in the US), as well as Fresh Produce Group (Australia), Fyffes (Ireland), IG International (India), Oppenheimer Group (Canada), Tokyo Seika (Japan), and Total Produce (Ireland). Vertically integrated fruit and vegetable producers such as Chiquita, Dole, and Del Monte have major global distribution operations. Fresh vegetables supplier

Fresh vegetables

Features of the Best Fruit and Vegetable Supplier Companies

Competitive landscape(h1-2-3)

Demand is driven by consumption of fruits and vegetables. Profitability depends on maintaining a high quality and varied selection of produce and on efficient operations. Larger distributors benefit from economies of scale in purchasing and transportation. Smaller companies may compete by specializing in certain products, such as tropical fruits or organic products, or by focusing on a geographical area. The US industry is fragmented: the 50 largest companies account for about 35% of industry revenue. Fresh vegetables supplier


fresh vegetables supplier  Product’s, operation & technology(h1-2-3)

Distributors’ main operations involve getting fruit and vegetables from producers to customers, which include food retailers and foodservice providers. Major products include fresh fruits (about 55% of industry revenue), whole fresh vegetables (30%), and prepackaged fresh-cut vegetables (10%). Distributors may also offer products such as fresh spices, herbs, seasonal nuts, salad dressings, tofu, juice, or flowers. Some companies specialize in exotic produce and staples of various ethnic cuisines, such as enoki mushrooms and lotus root (which are used in many Asian dishes) or corn husks and cactus pads (common ingredients in traditional Latin American foods).

Features of the Best Fruit and Vegetable Suppliers for Restaurants(h1-2-3)

  • Consistent quality
  • Supply chain
  • Experience
  • Industry accreditation


consistent quality (h1-2-3)

This feature cannot be overemphasized. Being able to receive fresh fruits and vegetables from your suppliers will not just satisfy your diners but will also help you save a lot of money in the long run because you will be able to prevent spoilage. You also need to make sure that your supplier provides clear information on the sources of their produce. Fresh vegetables supplier

Supply chain (h1-2-3)

The best fruit and vegetable suppliers for restaurants have an excellent supply chain to ensure their products are in optimum conditions and deliveries are done on time. Wholesalers with an excellent supply chain are also able to deliver fruits and vegetables according to your unique needs, that is, your seasonal demands and preferences.

Experience (h1-2-3)

The size of your clientele heavily relies on the consistent deliveries of quality fruits and vegetables from your supplier. This is where experience comes in, as you should be working with a supplier that has a reputation of delivering consistency and quality to some of the most prestigious restaurants.

Industry Accreditation

It is important to choose a supplier that has accreditation as it proves that their operations meet minimum requirements and they are officially recognized.


Fresh Produce Wholesalers Companies in this Country/Region: (h1-2-3)

Top Fresh Produce Wholesalers Companies: (h1-2-3)


$7,902.33M | Australia

LANDI Seeland AG

$7,058.27M | Switzerland

Union-Fruits SA

$6,808.70M | Switzerland

Guizhou Jiangyan Trading Co., Ltd.

$5,564.90M | China


$4,126.10M | Ireland


$2,907.77M | Belgium

Rabo Trading Germany GmbH

$2,328.67M | Germany


$2,103.20M | Japan

Bama Gruppen AS

$2,074.33M | Norway


$1,977.95M | Russian Federation


$1,859.56M | United Arab Emirates


$1,859.56M | United Arab Emirates

Juan Garcia Lax Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung

$1,816.54M | Germany

Grimmway Enterprises, Inc.

$1,700.19M | United States


$1,659.11M | South Africa


$1,637.57M | New Zealand


$1,538.25M | Belgium


$1,459.46M | Ireland


$1,457.06M | Ireland


$1,457.06M | Ireland


$1,340.22M | Japan

OGL – Food Trade Lebensmittelvertrieb GmbH

$1,308.65M | Germany

Del Monte Fresh Produce Company

$1,300.32M | United States


$1,243.24M | Russian Federation

Gemüsering STUTTGART GmbH

$1,210.76M | Germany

Sunkist Growers, Inc.

$1,147.99M | United States


$1,086.11M | France

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date fruits

Date kernel powder

Date kernel powder 

 Date kernel (seeds), like dates fruits, have numerous benefits and use to treat and release many diseases and also, date seeds, like many other kernels, including avocado kernels, mango kernels, apricot kernels, apple kernels…, have much nutritional value. Date seeds powder is made from burnt or roasted kernels. Date kernel powder

This amazing powder contains compounds that are chemically composed of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, zinc, cadmium, calcium, and potassium. Saturated fatty acids include stearic and palmitic acids, and unsaturated fatty acids include linoleic and oleic acids, which can inhibit the action of the enzyme 5α-Reductase.


Health benefits of Date seeds


Date seeds or a pit has several amazing medicinal properties. It helps to prevent kidney and liver against toxicity or damage, useful in diabetes, rich in antioxidants, prevent DNA damage and helps to fight various viral infections. Listed below are few of the health benefits of using Date seeds.

benefits of date kernel(seeds)  :

  • Prevent DNA damage
  • Useful in treating blood sugar problems
  • Antiviral Agents
  • Prevent kidney and liver damage
  • Antioxidants
  • Improves bone health

 Date kernel powder prevent DNA damage

According to a study, date seeds have shown defensive effect against chemically-induced liver damage and oxidative DNA damage. Date seeds provide protection against the liver intoxication, and this hepato-protective effect might be attributed to the antioxidant and free radical scavenging activities.

Useful in treating blood sugar problems

Date seeds are found useful in treating blood sugar related problems, diabetes and its related complications. According to a recent research date seeds have shown potential protective effects against early diabetic complications of both liver and kidney.

Antiviral Agents

 Date seed act as antiviral agents against various pathogenic human viruses. It can be useful in treatment and prevention of many types of viral infections. Research has shown that date pit extracts show a strong ability to prevent the infectivity of Pseudomonas phage ATCC 14209-B1 and completely prevented bacterial lysis.

Date kernel powder prevent kidney and liver damage

Date seeds are rich in proanthocyanins that actually helps to protect liver and kidney from damage. A study states that proanthocyanins-rich date seed extract protects against chemically induced kidney and liver toxicity.


Date seeds are rich in antioxidants and have antioxidants and free radical scavenging capabilities. It helps to protect the body against oxidative stress damage.  In a recent research, antioxidant potential of date seed protein hydrolysates could be used as a potential functional food ingredient for health promotion. Another research found that Iranian date seeds are strong radical scavengers and can be considered as a good source of natural antioxidants for medicinal and commercial uses.

Improves bone health

Dates could do wonders for your bone health too. Dates are rich in selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium, and all of these are required when it comes to keeping our bones healthy, and preventing conditions such as osteoporosis.

How to make date seeds powder at home for various health benefits?

Wash the date seeds and let it dry completely. It may take up to 3 days to dry, depending on where you live. Once it is dried completely, grind the date seeds and use in the manner as of coffee beans.

How to make date seed syrup at home? 

Wash and soak the date seeds for 24 hours. Grind it with some water.


How to use date seed?

  • Some people use date seeds as an additive to coffee.
  • Add date syrup in to the warm water with lemon and drink as a tea or infused water.
  • Try to make healthy bread spread. Just blend date syrup with honey or Jaggery. Use this instead of jam.
  • Add date powder into your smoothies or juices.
  • Add date palm seed powder into your baking dishes like cookies, cakes etc.
  • Add date syrup while making the salad dressing for extra health benefits.

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The Fresh Fruit Produce Wholesalers' Industry

Apple Nutrition

Apple Nutrition

Does apple have vitamin c? Apple Nutrition

Does it contain Vitamin D?

We are going to explain about this heavenly fruit and its amazing benefits. Apple Nutrition


When we talk about Apple, it reminds us of a delicious fruit, which has multiple types. We have all heard about the great number of apple benefits, but the question is, which one is true? Apple Nutrition

Apple face mask recepies for glowing , clear or dull skin +

The most well-known quote about apple is: an apple a day keeps doctors away.

Here we are clarifying some of your questions about apples and provide you with some useful tips about apples.

Apple Nutrition Facts :

The first question you may face is: do apples contain vitamin c and other minerals?

The short answer is yes. You can also check Nutrition values in the table below:

Nutrition Value per 1 medium apple(182 g)
Energy95 kcalVitamin A98.28 IU2%Calcium10.92 mg1%
Carbohydrates25.13 gVitamin B60.075 mg6%Copper0.049 mg5%
sugars18.91 gVitamin C8.4 mg9%Iron0.22 mg1%
Dietary fiber4.4 gVitamin E0.33 mg1%Magnesium9.10 mg2%
Fat0.31 gVitamin K4.0 μg3%Manganese0.064 mg3%
Protein0.47 gPotassium194.74 mg4%
Water155.72 gSodium1.82 mg0

Face mask recipe:

Not only it has lots of great effects on your body, but also you can use apples to make a face mask and then see its unbelievable impacts on your skin health.

Here we are suggesting some recipes for you to try at home whit the minimum ingredients and cost. Apple Nutrition

For Glowing your skin:


1 Tbsp Apple Puree

2 Tbsp Curd

1 Tsp Lemon Juice

Directions :

Before doing anything, you should wash your face and dry it with a soft towel.

In a bowl, add all the ingredients and mix well. Next, apply this face pack all over the face and neck. Let it dry and wash after 20 minutes.


Curd has lactic acid which, exfoliates your skin and removes all the dead layers from your skin. Lemon works as bleach and lightens your skin tone.

For clear skin:


1-2 Tbsp. Apple Puree

1 Tbsp. Honey


In a bowl, mix both the ingredients well. Apply all over pre-washed face and neck then, Wash after 30 minutes.


Honey has an anti-bacterial and moisturizing effect that keeps your skin clear and soft. Apples have vitamin C which, keeps your skin hydrated and gives you a natural glow. Apple Nutrition

For dull skins:


2 Tbsp Milk

2 Cubes Apple or Apple Puree

2 Tbsp Oatmeal Powder


In a bowl, add oatmeal powder, apple cube, or puree and milk. Mix well using a spoon. Apply all over the face and neck. Wash your face after 30 minutes.


This combination of oatmeal, milk, and apple helps in clearing off the dead skin. This one exfoliates your skin gently and gives you glowing skin.

 Desserts recipe:

You may also want to enjoy eating the apple differently.

You can make lots of tempting desserts with apples, which we will teach you some of the famous ones.

The first one is the most famous one, which is apple pie.

Apple pie is the most famous one which we are going to teach you to make it in your own home.


For the filling:

1kg apples

140g golden caster sugar

½ teaspoon cinnamon

3 tablespoons flour

For the pastry:

225g butter, room temperature

50g golden caster sugar, plus extra

2 eggs

350g plain flour, preferably organic

softly whipped cream, to serve

instruction of Apple Nutrition:

STEP 1 of Apple Nutrition:

Put a layer of paper towels on a large baking sheet.

First, peel apples then, divide apples into four pieces, core, and slice apples about 5mm thick and lay evenly on the baking sheet. Put paper towels on top and set them aside while you make and chill the pastry.

STEP 2 of Apple Nutrition:

For the pastry, put the butter and sugar in a large bowl until just mixed. In this stage, you need a whole egg and one yolk.

Mix them for under 1 min. Now work in the flour with a wooden spoon, a third at a time, until it’s beginning to clump up, then finish gathering it together with your hands. Gently work the dough into a ball, wrap it in cling film, and chill for 45 minutes. Now: mix 140gsugar, cinnamon, and flour for the filling in a bowl.

STEP 3 of Apple Nutrition:

After the pastry has chilled, preheat the oven to 190C. Lightly beat the egg white with a fork. Cut off a third of the pastry and keep it wrapped while you roll out the rest, and use this to line a pie tin – 20-22cm round and 4cm deep – leaving a slight overhang. Roll the remaining third to a circle about 28cm in diameter. Pat the apples dry with kitchen paper and tip them into the bowl with the cinnamon-sugar mix. Give a quick mix with your hands and immediately pile high into the pastry-lined tin. Apple Nutrition

STEP 4  of Apple Nutrition:

Brush a little water around the pastry rim and lay the pastry lid over the apples pressing the edges together. Trim the edge with a sharp knife and make 5 little slashes on top of the lid for the steam to escape. (Can be frozen at this stage.) Brush it all with the egg white and sprinkle with caster sugar. Bake for 40-45 minutes, until golden, then remove and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Sprinkle with more sugar and serve while still warm from the oven with softly whipped cream. Apple Nutrition

Nutrition Facts
Energy695 kcal
Fat33 g
Carbohydrates95 g
Sugars32 g
Dietary fiber4 g
Protein9 g
Salt0.79 g

Another amazing dessert is apple butter.


3 kg apples peeled, cored, and sliced

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup packed brown sugar

1 1/2 tablespoons ground cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

The first step is to cook your apples


Add the sugars, cinnamon, salt, and vanilla to the bowl, then mix well. Apple Nutrition

Cook in a slow cooker on low for about 10 hours, stirring every couple of hours. The apple butter should be thick and dark brown. Apple Nutrition

If desired, use a blender to puree the apple butter until smooth.

Cover and refrigerate for up to two weeks or freeze in small containers.

Now you can enjoy what you have cooked and put the rest of it in the fridge.

Nutrition Facts
Energy120 kcal
Calcium19 mg
Sodium32 mg
Carbohydrates31 g
Dietary fiber3 g
Potassium167 mg
Vitamin A80 IU
Vitamin C6.8 mg

Apple nutrition facts – Calories , Vitamin , Carbs and fiber

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Kiwi harvesting

Fresh Kiwi fruit

Fresh Kiwi fruit

We are going to answer these questions and much more and teach you how to enjoy this amazing fruit Fresh Kiwi fruit .


Kiwi fruit (kiwi) or, as it is called in China, Gooseberry is one of the unique fruits in the whole world. Fresh Kiwi fruit 

It is native to central and eastern China. Kiwi fruit is not being the most popular fruit in 1959.

It was decided to change the name to kiwifruit, after New Zealand’s national bird.

fresh kiwi

Dried Kiwi ( Peeled ) | Organic dried fruit

Kiwifruit (often shortened to kiwi outside Australia and New Zealand) is the edible berry of several species of woody vines in the genus Actinidia. The most common cultivar group of kiwifruit is oval, about the size of a large hen’s egg: 5–8 centimeters (2–3 inches) in length and 4.5–5.5 cm (1 3⁄4–2 1⁄4 in) in diameter. It has a thin, fuzzy, fibrous, tart but edible light brown skin and light green or golden flesh with rows of tiny, black, edible seeds. The fruit has a soft texture with a sweet and unique flavor. In 2018, China produced half of the world total of kiwifruit.


One interesting fact about kiwi is it has two times the vitamin C of an orange, four times the vitamin C of a grapefruit, and as much potassium as a banana but unfortunately it doesn’t contain any of vitamin D.

The kiwifruit possesses properties that lower blood pressure. Kiwi helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and, providing a boost of Vitamin C, The kiwifruit can reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. 

Another important question you may face is that what does kiwi do to your body, I will mention them below:

Blood Pressure and Nervous System Benefits

Protection Against Eye Disease

Strengthens Immunity

Prevents Heart Disease

 Nutrition Facts:

Now we want to discuss kiwi nutrition facts.

This amazing fruit contains lots of vitamins and minerals, as mentioned below:


Nutrition Value per 100 gram










61 kcal

Vitamin A

122 μg



34 mg



14.66 g

Vitamin B1

0.027 mg



0.13 mg



8.99 g

Vitamin B2

0.025 mg



0.13 mg


Dietary fiber

3 g

Vitamin B3

0.341 mg



17 mg



0.52 g

Vitamin B5

0.183 mg



0.098 mg



1.14 g

Vitamin B6

0.063 mg



312 mg



83 g

Vitamin B9

25 μg



3 mg


Vitamin C

92.7 mg



0.14 mg


Vitamin E

1.46 mg


Vitamin K

40.3 μg


 Kiwi and its allergic effects:

Kiwi does not have lots of fans due to its allergic effect.

Researches are demonstrated that children are more likely than adults to show these symptoms. 

The first signs of a kiwi allergy are usually mild and may include a prickly, itchy feeling in and around the mouth. People may also develop a rash in areas where the skin made contact with the fruit.

Kiwi allergies are an oral problem.

When a person has a kiwi allergy, their immune system reacts negatively to certain material in this particular fruit. 

Additionally, after the initial body reaction to this, subsequent reactions seem to be escalated. For this reason, it is necessary not to ignore any reaction you might experience after eating a kiwi.

dessert recipe:

Now we want to teach you some dessert recipe with kiwi:

Sorbet recipe:

Making sorbet at home is really easy, even though it sounds luxurious.

It is better to use frozen fruits for most of the sorbets and use fruits that are very ripe because ripe fruits have the highest natural sugar.

For this Kiwi Sorbet, if you use kiwis that are not very ripe, the sorbet will be extremely sour therefore We would like to wait until our kiwis are almost to the point where they are not pleasant to eat and, then we know they are perfect for this delicious recipe.

Step 1: Peel and slice your kiwis. 

Slice into even pieces

Step 2: Freeze kiwi slices. Lay slices flat on a tray and freeze for approximately an hour. 

Step 3: Blend. After you blend, you can serve your sorbet. It will be the perfect consistency to eat. Frozen, but soft enough to scoop and serve.

Bar recipe:



1 cup (125g) all-purpose flour

1/3 cup (42g) confectioners sugar

1/2 cup (1 stick or 113g) cold butter, diced


2 large eggs

1 1/4 cup (250g) granulated sugar

1/4 cup (31g) all-purpose flour

1/2 tsp salt

3 1/2 cups sliced kiwis

preparation stages:


Preheat oven to 350°F.

In a large bowl, blend the flour, confectioners sugar, and butter. You can use a food processor or pastry cutter, You can also mix it with your hand. You want the butter to be no bigger than a pea size and the ingredients to be well incorporated.

Press into a 8 x 8 pan. Bake for 12-15 minutes. 


In a medium bowl, lightly beat two eggs. Add sugar, flour, and salt and mix until combined.

Gently stir in the sliced kiwis.

Pour mixture over the hot crust. Bake for another 35-40 minutes or until filling is set.

Allow bars to cool at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. You can serve them warm or refrigerate until ready to serve.


These bars are easy to make and very satisfying. It does not need any whipped cream or ice cream.

The bar by itself is amazing on it is own. 

One of the amazing parts of this bar is its crust. It is rich and buttery, and when combined with the kiwi topping, the contrast of the butter and slightly sweet and tart kiwi filling does, will do magical things. 

How to make kiwi bar

There are basically two steps to make these kiwi bars. Both are very easy. Essentially, we need to nail the crust (Step 1). Then the topping (step 2).

How to make kiwi bar crust

Pour your ingredients(flour, sugar, and cold butter) into a big bowl.

Then mix your ingredients with your hand(be careful to wash your hand before start) or, you can choose the easier way and use a food processor. But mixing them with your hands is more enjoyable.

How to make kiwi bar topping.

The topping really couldn’t be any easier as it only has 5 ingredients.

First, add filling ingredients to a bowl and mix your ingredients well. 

Then, grab a cutting board and cut your kiwis. Toss the kiwi in and stir by hand until everything is well combined.

By now, The Kiwi Bar crust should be done baking, so carefully remove it from the oven and watch your hand. Pour the filling onto the hot crust and tap the dish on the counter so that it settles a bit. Now it is time to get your delicious bars back into the oven for about 35-40 minutes.

When it is done, the kiwi should not be burned. It is better to check it after 30 minutes. If they seem like they are getting too dark, place a piece of foil over the bars and continue baking.

Allow the bars to rest on the counter for at least 30 minutes before serving.

If you want to serve the bars warm from the oven, the filling will not be fully set. We prefer these bars warm.

Not only it tastes good but also it is rich in Vitamin C and much more Vitamins and Minerals

If you want to refrigerate the bars and serve later, the filling will be fully set therefore, you can cut them into beautiful square pieces as many as you want and put a scoop of ice cream if you want to enjoy more. Fresh Kiwi fruit 

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fresh lettuce

Different types of lettuce

different types of lettuce benefits and nutrition fact

lettuce benefits

Do you know anything about lettuce benefits?

Do you know how many types of lettuce exists?

We will answer these questions and give you more information, and a brief explanation of the lettuce diet. Different types of lettuce

 Is Lettuce a Vegetable or Fruit?

It is maybe one of the questions you may ask yourself. When you see something new, and you don’t know which category is this.

One of them is lettuce, which we will tell you what category is that, vegetable or fruit.

Lettuce is a vegetable since it is an edible plant part.

Furthermore, does not grow from an ovary, which is the definition of a fruit. Every vegetable comes from the root, bulb, stem, leaves, tubers, and flowers of a plant. Therefore, lettuce would be known as a vegetable.

lettuce benefits

lettuce benefits and types – is lettuce a vegetable or fruit ?

Lettuce types: 

There are many types of lettuce, which you can use for lots of foods like salads.

One of the most famous ones is Caesar salad, which is better to prepare with Romaine lettuce.

We will get you familiar whit the five most famous ones.

  • Crisped lettuce
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Butterhead lettuce
  • Leaf lettuce
  • Stem lettuce

Lettuce needs moisture and airflow to stay crisp, but not too much. It depends on how long you would like to keep your lettuce; you can choose to store it as a full head of lettuce or individual lettuce leaves.

To store a full head of lettuce, wrap it in a paper towel, and put the head inside a plastic bag, now its good to put it in your refrigerator.

If you choose to store your lettuce with individual leaves, spin them dry after washing them and place them in a container. It is the best way to keep them fresh and put them in your refrigerator.

lettuce Benefits:

Here we will inform you of 16 scientifically proven health benefits:

  • May Fight Inflammation
  • May Aid Weight Los
  • May Promote Brain Health
  • May Boost Heart Health
  • May Help Fight Cancer
  • May Cut Diabetes Risk
  • May Promote Vision Health
  • May Promote Digestive Health
  • May Help Treat Insomnia
  • May Enhance Bone Health
  • May Boost Immunity
  • May Be Good for Pregnancy
  • May Improve Muscle Strength and Metabolism
  • May Improve Skin and Hair Health
  • May Improve Skin and Hair Health
  • May Keep You Hydrated

Nutrition facts:


Nutrition Value per 100 gram lettuce
Energy14 kcalVitamin A25.00 μgNACalcium18.00 mg1%
Carbohydrates3 gVitamin B60.042mg3%Copper0.025 mg3%
sugars2 gVitamin C2.8 mg3%Iron0.41 mg2%
Dietary fiber1.2 gVitamin E0.18 mg1%Magnesium7.00 mg2%
Fat0.1 gVitamin K24.1 μg20%Potassium141.00 mg3%
Protein0.9 gVitamin D0.00 μg0%Sodium10.00 mg0%
Water95.64 gZinc0.15 mg1%

Is lettuce diet good?

Lettuce is one of the greens recommended to use in all types of diets, which are created by nutritionists. It is rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and Iron.

But it is not the only thing your body needs, therefore it is not recommended to eat only lettuce as your meal.

The best way is to meet a nutritionist to consult with and follow the best plan for your body.

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Fresh red apple

Nutritional Goldmine in Apples

The Nutritional Goldmine in Apples: Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a vital nutrient for the human body, offering a range of health benefits. Apples, in their various forms, are not only a delicious snack but also a noteworthy source of vitamin C. This article delves into the vitamin C content of apples, with a special focus on green apples and custard apples. Nutritional Goldmine in Apples

Apples, one of the world’s most beloved fruits, are not only delicious but also bring a wealth of nutritional benefits. In this article, we’ll delve into the vitamin C content of apples, exploring the vitamin C levels in red apples, green apples, and the unique custard apple variety.

Apple nutrition facts – Calories , Vitamin , Carbs and fiber

what is fiber ? and how much fiber is in an apple ?

Apple nutrition facts – Calories , Vitamin , Carbs and fiber

top 8 secret facts about apples are apples poisonous ?

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Apples are renowned for their nutritional value, and vitamin C is a prominent component of their health benefits. This powerful antioxidant is essential for overall health, contributing to the immune system’s strength, skin health, and wound healing. Apples, a beloved fruit worldwide, are not only prized for their crisp and sweet flavors but also for their nutritional richness. Vitamin C is a standout nutrient in apples, known for its antioxidant properties that support the immune system, skin health, and more. Nutritional Goldmine in Apples

Red Apples – A Burst of Vitamin C

Red apples, such as the classic Red Delicious, are packed with vitamin C. A medium-sized red apple provides about 14% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C for the average adult. This variety is known for its sweet flavor and crisp texture, making it a delightful way to boost your vitamin C intake.

Green Apples – A Tangy Twist of Vitamin C

Green apples, like Granny Smith, offer a tangy alternative. They also contain a good amount of vitamin C, although slightly less than their red counterparts. A medium-sized green apple can still provide around 9-10% of your daily vitamin C needs. Their tartness adds a unique dimension to your vitamin C intake.

The Tangy Kick: Vitamin C in Green Apples

Green apples, with their tangy and slightly sour taste, are renowned for their vitamin C content. These apples are a great choice for those looking to boost their vitamin C intake while enjoying a refreshing and low-calorie snack.

Custard Apples: A Sweet Source of Vitamin C

Custard apples, in contrast to green apples, are celebrated for their sweetness and creamy texture. These tropical fruits also contain vitamin C, making them not only delectable but also nutritious.

Custard Apples – A Tropical Vitamin C Treat

Custard apples are a different breed altogether, with a distinct flavor and appearance. These tropical delights offer a moderate dose of vitamin C, providing about 17% of your daily requirement in a medium-sized fruit. Alongside their creamy texture, custard apples contribute to your vitamin C intake in a truly tropical way.


In conclusion, apples are not only a popular fruit but also a valuable source of vitamin C. Whether you prefer the sweet crunch of red apples, the tangy zing of green apples, or the tropical twist of custard apples, you’re benefiting from this essential vitamin. Incorporating a variety of apple types into your diet can help you maintain a balanced intake of vitamin C and enjoy the distinct flavors each type offers. So, the next time you reach for an apple, savor the taste and the health-boosting vitamin C it brings to your table. Apples, with their diverse varieties, bring a wholesome dose of vitamin C to our diets. Whether you prefer the tangy bite of green apples or the sweet indulgence of custard apples, you’re benefiting from this essential nutrient. Vitamin C is a key player in supporting your overall health, from bolstering your immune system to promoting skin radiance. So, the next time you savor the flavor of an apple, remember that you’re not just enjoying a delicious fruit but also giving your body a valuable nutrient boost.

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The Fresh Fruit Produce Wholesalers' Industry

The Fresh Fruit Produce Wholesalers' Industry

The fresh produce wholesalers’ industry is a crucial link in the global food supply chain, connecting farms to markets. In this article, we explore the dynamics of this industry, focusing on the role of wholesale fresh produce distributors, the significance of fresh produce wholesale, and the key players – the fresh produce companies.The fresh fruit produce wholesalers’ industry is the backbone of the global fresh fruit supply chain, ensuring that the fruits of the earth reach consumers’ tables. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of this industry, focusing on the role of wholesale fresh fruit produce distributors, the significance of fresh fruit produce wholesale, and the driving force behind it all – the fresh fruit produce companies.

The fresh produce wholesalers’ industry is the vital middle ground that ensures the efficient flow of fruits, vegetables, and other perishables from farms and producers to retailers, restaurants, and consumers. It plays a pivotal role in preventing food waste and delivering fresh, quality produce to a wide array of customers. The fresh fruit produce wholesalers’ industry is an essential conduit connecting fruit growers, producers, and consumers. It serves as the linchpin that ensures the efficient and timely distribution of fresh fruits to a wide spectrum of customers, ranging from local markets to international retailers.

Features of the Best Fruit and Vegetable Supplier Companies

top 8 secret facts about apples are apples poisonous ?

Fresh Yellow Apple ( from iran )

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Wholesale Fresh Produce Distributors: Bridging the Gap

Wholesale fresh produce distributors are the linchpins of the fresh produce supply chain. They purchase large quantities of fresh produce from growers and suppliers and then distribute these products to retailers, restaurants, and foodservice establishments. Distributors often have extensive networks and logistics capabilities to ensure that fresh produce reaches its destination swiftly.

The Power of Fresh Produce Wholesale

Fresh produce wholesale is the engine driving the availability of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in markets year-round. Wholesalers maintain diverse portfolios, enabling consumers to access fresh produce regardless of the season. This not only satisfies consumer demand but also provides stability and income for growers.

Fresh Produce Companies: Meeting Consumer Demand

Fresh produce companies, whether they are family-owned farms or multinational conglomerates, are the originators and suppliers of the fresh goods that consumers love. They work closely with wholesale distributors to ensure that their products reach customers in optimal condition, maintaining high-quality standards.

Wholesale Fresh Fruit Produce Distributors: The Fruitful Bridge

Wholesale fresh fruit produce distributors are the linchpins of the fresh fruit supply chain. They operate by procuring large quantities of fresh fruits from growers and producers and then expertly channeling these products to retailers, restaurants, and various foodservice establishments. These distributors often employ advanced logistics systems to guarantee the swift and safe delivery of fruits.

The Essence of Fresh Fruit Produce Wholesale

Fresh fruit produce wholesale is the vital artery that sustains the uninterrupted availability of a rich array of fruits throughout the year. Wholesalers, by maintaining diverse portfolios, ensure that customers have access to fresh fruit regardless of the season, thus aligning consumer preferences with supply.

Fresh Fruit Produce Companies: The Orchestrators

Fresh fruit produce companies are the originators of the delectable fruits that consumers savor. These companies work in tandem with wholesale distributors to ensure that their fruits are delivered to customers in impeccable condition, adhering to strict quality standards.


In conclusion, the fresh produce wholesalers’ industry is an unsung hero of the global food supply chain. Wholesale fresh produce distributors are the bridge between the producers and the consumers, ensuring that fresh produce is efficiently distributed to markets and dinner tables. Fresh produce wholesale not only meets consumer demand for fresh, seasonal produce but also sustains the livelihoods of growers and producers. Fresh produce companies, with their dedication to quality and innovation, continue to drive this industry forward, providing consumers with a bountiful array of healthy, delicious choices. In a world increasingly conscious of health and sustainability, the role of fresh produce wholesalers remains indispensable in promoting the availability and consumption of fresh, nutritious produce. In conclusion, the fresh fruit produce wholesalers’ industry is the unseen hero of the global food supply chain. Wholesale fresh fruit produce distributors are the crucial link between growers and consumers, making certain that fresh fruits reach their intended destinations. Fresh fruit produce wholesale plays a pivotal role by aligning the supply of fruits with consumer demand, enabling people to enjoy fresh, seasonal produce throughout the year. The fresh fruit produce companies, with their commitment to quality and innovation, remain at the forefront of the industry, providing a rich diversity of fresh and healthy options to consumers. In a world increasingly conscious of health and sustainability, the role of fresh fruit produce wholesalers is indispensable in ensuring the availability and accessibility of fresh, nutritious fruits.

zucchini benefits and its difference with squash + nutrition facts

zucchini benefits and its difference with squash

zucchini benefits and its difference with squash + nutrition facts

zucchini benefits , Does zucchini contain Vitamin C? 

Are zucchini and squash the same thing?

We will answer these questions and give you some advice on what other thing goes well with zucchini.

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One tricky question is: are zucchini and squash the same thing ?

So, here is the answer: 

All zucchini is squash, but not all squash is zucchini(interesting). 


Does zucchini have seeds ?

Zucchini’s seeds are like cucumber, and they are edible.

When zucchini is at its edible state, it is an immature fruit. To successfully save seeds from zucchini, you should let the fruits get big. They should get large and swollen, with hard skin.


Zucchini benefits :

Rich in Many Nutrients

High in Antioxidants

Contributes to Healthy Digestion

May Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

May Improve Heart Health

May Strengthen Your Vision

May Aid Weight Loss

Bone health

Anticancer effects

A healthy prostate

Thyroid function

Easy to Add to Your Diet


zucchini benefits and its difference with squash + nutrition facts


Nutrition facts:

zucchini contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Zucchini contains a high amount of Vitamin C.

Also, you can check zucchini nutrition values in the table below:


Nutrition Value per 100 gram zucchini










21 kcal

Vitamin A

490.00 IU



21.00 mg



3.1 g

Vitamin B6




0.097 mg


Dietary fiber

1.1 g

Vitamin C

34.1 mg



0.79 mg



0.4 g

Vitamin D

0.00 μg



33.00 mg



2.7 g


0.196 mg



92.73 g


459.00 mg



3.00 mg



0.83 mg



What Goes Well with Zucchini?

You can add some spices and other things to make it more tempting.

You can sprinkle some spices and herbs like garlic, pepper, salt, cinnamon, ginger, and oregano.

You can also mix with onion, tomato, mushroom, eggplant, and corn. 

It also goes well with dairy products like feta cheese, goat cheese, and etc.

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